Fetish Temptations 2 Colight Coherent Light Photography


This CoLight outing features the models in fetish clothing and sometimes in a dungeon environment. However, there is no explicit dark side content – that part is left to your imagination. The video opens with Nikki in four segments, wearing black leather pants, corsets and gloves. She smokes VS 120s and all-white 100s. Maddie follows – first solo in black leather pants and top, and then adding gloves when Ramona joins her, also in full leather, for a sizzling duo scene with dressing, posing, smoke exchange and kissing, smoking Marlboro Menthol 100s. Lani is next in six segments, smoking all-white 100s. Her scenes include vinyl thigh-high boots and bikini and gloves, vinyl strap dress and boots, an ashtray point-of-view scene, seated as a blonde and finally seated on the bondage bench. Nadja finishes with three segments smoking corks, in black leather dress and thigh-high boots, then seated on the bondage bench in a black leather bra and gloves. It’s a dizzying range of scenes with fetishwear and exceptional smoking throughout – darksiders will enjoy reading their own scenarios into the movie, while others will just enjoy the sexy and well-shot smoking. This video has some dialogue and natural sound.

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