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First EVER Time Smoking a Cigarette SmokingFetishStudio


The BEST clip I’ve ever filmed…period! Meet Evie. Evie accompanied her smoker friend on a shoot and watched attentively as we captured sexy pictures and filmed footage of her friend smoking. This prompted Evie, a non-smoker to try a cigarette. She had NEVER sampled one before and decided to see what it was like.

Although the clip is short, it captures the rare sight of a beautiful innocent girl trying a cigarette. After a few ‘puffs’ without inhaling I instruct Evie to breathe the smoke into her virgin lungs. She obliges and inhales small amounts of smoke. You will then witness the power of cigarettes on a first-time smoker. Evie becomes overwhelmed by the smoke and becomes dizzy and faint. I ask her if she wishes to stop filming but she decides to proceed.

Evie coughs a little when learning to inhale and places her hand over her throat and lungs indicating that they hurt due to the smoke being breathed into them. She then looks sick and has a look of abhorrence on her face at her first attempt at smoking. And you know the irony…when I emailed her a few days later she claimed that she was; “still smoking the odd cigarette”. Watch this space there might be more of Evie to come!

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