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Megan the Cougher and Sneezer plus Hardbody Teen Jocelyn Double H Video


This video starts with Megan, a novice smoker that really wants to learn to smoke. Poor girl cant hardly take a breath without coughing. She takes a puff, then hack, hack, hack. We have never heard or seen a girl cough like this before. Megan, not knowing when to quit smoking, lights a cigar…man was that a bad idea! She coughs and hacks, sneezes and sounds like she is about to die. A few days later, after practicing at home she appears for a small session of putting on her makeup in the mirror while smoking. She doesn’t cough anymore…she must have gotten her lungs in shape. Next we have Jocelyn, 18 years old, hardbody from hell, and covergirl looks. You will love the beauty of this little teen as she blows you away with her mesmerizing mouth and nose exhales. As an added bonus we got her in a swimsuit and you get to see that cigarettes do a body good! This girl is tight and hard..yum! If you like coughing and sexy hardbody teens, this is your video! Full audio and dialogue.

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