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Gwen: Addicted Girl In Lingerie


Gwen smokes 8 cigarettes in this video, filling an undisclosed void with the robust creamy smoke that her 100s provide. Her demeanor is seductive and calm, aided by her insatiable intake of creamy yet dense smoke.

Dressed in nothing but black lingerie and stockings, Gwen draws generously from her full flavour reds, filling her chest with perfect open mouth inhales. Gwen holds the smoke deep down and inside. It regularly takes her 3 to 4 breaths to exhale the voluminous amounts of smoke swirling deep within her chest. Her exhales alternate between cones, nose-mouth combinations and nostril only exhales. Gwen also treats us to several moments of hands free smoking.

This is a must have video for fans of open mouth inhales and sophisticated gorgeous models.

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