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Gwen Open Mouth Inhales


The gorgeous green eyed Gwen is back for your pleasure! And this time she smokes 120 and reds. This video focuses on her signature open mouth inhales.

Gwen displays a lot of sensuality smoking her cigarette alternating some great cheek hollowing drags, powersmoking, danglings, and multiple drags. Her lovely open mouth inhales still feature clearly audible “shhh” sounds as she powerfully push the smoke to her lungs. This girl loves to eat chewing gum while smoking, you will see it on this video.

It is obvious she takes a great pleasure to release the sweet smoke with a variation of perfect cone exhales, nose-mouth combinations, rings and incredible driftings. Action is filmed up close so you can see and hear her powerful drags and amazing slow exhales. Here she especially loves to blow the smoke in front of the camera for languorous drifting exhales. This girl loves so much to smoke! Each and every cigarette is greedily smoked down the butt! These deep drags and massive exhales clearly reveal her strong addiction. A cigarette doesn’t last long in Gwen’s fingers! Even a 120s!

Gwen delivers here a beautiful show displaying a very complete smoking style: amazing open mouth inhales of course, but also multiple drags, rings, incredible right at you driftings and much more! Go for this one if you like gorgeous strong addicted smoker.

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