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Helen: Mature Smoking Machine


Helen (41) is a British beauty who has been smoking since she was 14. She developed a heavy addiction that still goes on, despite she keeps training all kind of sports. The combination of her sporty body with her stained teeth together with her mature smoker skin makes of Helen’s beauty a contradiction.

Yes! A candid coughing section!!!. In the middle of the video Helen breaks coughing on the balcony, and we were filming. She was also recorded coughing and waiting us to prepare our equipment; a nice compilation of candid coughs has been included here.

See also this mature English woman flash smoking; her style is EXTREME: french inhales…rings…and then she french inhales again the same smoke! How do you do this? Helen told us on her interesting interview that she learnt this and many other tricks at the school’s toilets many years ago. Don’t miss this video if you like mature smokers or extreme smoking tricks.

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