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Hodgepodge Colight Coherent Light Photography


This video ‘from the vault’ compiles footage with a common theme: all the models smoke corks. You’ll see tight stream exhales, smoke rings, snaps that are sharp and fast and others that are soft and fluid. Brianne is a smoke ring junkie. There is a pretty consistent sprinkling of straight and husky exhales but she really emphasizes her ability with rings, especially during the last nine minutes of the segment shot in RAY style. Mirriam and Jade are both shooting for long stream exhales as they discuss smoking and that shy smoke-loving guy at their favorite bar. Jade carries most of the dialogue and action in this segment; the last ten minutes of this section are close-up shots taken during the shoot so there is some duplication of dialogue, but the facial close ups make it worth the duplication. Noel and Mirriam swap smoke and bath each others faces with their exhales; Noel shows her trademark perfect french inhales throughout, and Mirriam’s smoking is nothing to sneeze at, either. Angela’s short segment is a combination of footage from various shoots; her snaps are sharp and sweet as is appropriate for this beautiful 18 year old. A long piece with Noel, Mirriam and Dawn was an early shot at multi-person lighting. They’re doing their make-up in anticipation of a night out while they chat; the smoking is strong, especially’s Noel’s constant frenches. Jennifer closes the show with her languid snaps and often girlish dialogue, with slow, liquid snaps and cute looks to catch your eye. Part of this segment is three-quaters view and some is right-at-you. Nearly two hours of exceptional smoking and great variety. This video has natural sound and dialogue.

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