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Iris: Multiple Drags


Iris is a 26 years old Czech girl, who started to smoke being 14 years old. She actually smokes 2 packs per day (full flavour). This video contains 5 scenes with her smoking 6 full flavour cigarettes.

Her smoking style is based on multiple drags, usually chaining 2 to 4 drags before exhaling, while keeping the smoke inside for 4-5 seconds. The exhales are not so visible as other of our videos, but on the other hand we got crystal-clean sound of her lungs inhaling her multiple drags. Iris has proved to be a heavy smoker, not only because her ‘multi-drag’ smoking style, but also because she is having ‘very-wet’ smoker’s cough attacks on each of the 5 scenes of this video.

Iris answers to some questions about her habit in some scenes. By listening her, one can hear she has developed the common smoker’s voice: deep and raspy. However Iris is more interested in flirting with the camera than talking, keeping eye contact and being a kind of sweet happy girl who loves to show her bare breasts as she smokes a storm of cigarettes. Thanks to the several topless scenes, the viewer will appreciate the grace of her bare breasts expanding and rising with each of her multiple drags.

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