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Amber Another Chain Smoking Q&A


Here is sexy smoking model Amber having a good time smoking and talking to you as she answers some questions and chain smokes two cigarettes. Amber mostly smokes naturally with big drags and deep inhales along with a couple snap inhales while chain smoking two Marlboro Red 100s. Captured from two angles and both are included in HD. Here are the questions:
If you had a one hour lunch break how many would you smoke during your break (would you eat more or smoke more in that hour)?

Do you ever consider the condition of your lungs during the day as you smoke?

What time of day is your favorite time to smoke?

Have you ever taught someone how to smoke?

What do you think of the guys that enjoy watching females smoke and what do you think of the dark side aspects of the interest?

How does it feel knowing you are a very popular smoking model?

Do you smoke different when making a video than you do in real life?

Do you think you have strong lungs?

Would you give up smoking for your boyfriend?

Would you stop or reduce your smoking if you had a bad cold or fever?

If you only had a light cigarette would you smoke it different than your regular full flavor cigarette?

Do you very feel guilty about what you are doing to your lungs by smoking?

Do you know a lot of girls that are smokers?

Can you smoke heavier than you other friends who smoke?

How does it feel when doing your double pumps with those huge nose exhales?

When you are out partying with your girlfriends and drinking beer or wine, how many cigarettes can you chain smoke in a row ( example if you were out on new year’s eve night or your birthday)?

If a doctor ordered you to stop smoking, such as if you were pregnant, or had a bad cough, would you stop or continue to smoke regardless because your lungs love it so much?

Do you think you smoke too much?

Do you get stressed out by the idea of running out of cigarettes?

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