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Iveta Speed Smoking Her 100s


Iveta feeds her nicotine cravings with her favorite friends (Red 100s) in an intense video: flash smoking 4 cigarettes this time!. She often has some wet coughs, but she forgives everything to her cigarette. As she says on the video: “Even if she burns my fingers, also for the iron taste in my mouth, I won’t be angry with her”.

Her deep natural style is made of incredible cheek hollowing drags, almost always followed by superb French inhales! You will see her powerful huge exhales and powersmoking and nose\mouth combinations! Iveta lives that pure moment of pleasure with such intensity, not worried by the ashes building up, still dragging and dragging right down to the butt. There are many wonderful close ups and a clear sound in this video, faithfully rendering the intensity of this wonderful smoking action.

Go for this video if you like strong graceful smokers with natural heavy smoking style.

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