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Scholarly Smoking Captive Chrissy Marie


This clip is a sequel to: Hooked From Her Very First Try

Chrissy has been smoking for several months now and was finally caught by her step-mom. However instead of being angry, her step-mom was all for Chrissys smoking and totally fine with it since she started as well and doesn’t see anything wrong with it since its her body after all. She also enjoys smoking with her step-daughter and now they get to spend more time together. Chrissys step-mom buys her vs120s and lets her smoke whenever she wants and as much as she wants. Now Chrissy has become over a pack a day smoker and it’s extremely hard to sit through her classes without thinking about smoking or craving one.

Today Chrissy had her last few on the way to school and has been dying for a cigarette all day. When she gets home from school her step-mom calls to let her know she bought a few fresh packs and they are in the kitchen. Chrissy tell her shes a lifesaver and hang up the phone. She immediately drop her backpack and goes to grab a pack from the kitchen. She sits at her desk and lights up as quickly as possible, inhaling as deep as she can and blowing huge clouds of smoke over and over. She knows she should get to her studies, but she has been dying to smoke all day so she cant focus and lights up another. Being a very experienced smoker now, Chrissy relaxes and enjoys her two cigarettes knowing by the end of the day she will have finished the whole pack!

This HD clip was a CUSTOM REQUEST and is 13 minutes & 03 seconds

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