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Jen: Flash Smoking Interview


This video documents the smoking lifestyle of a beautiful 30 years old heavy smoking woman from Spain. Jen’s smoking is extraordinary, captured with perfect backlighting to highlight the density of every deep snap inhale, powerful flashing double-pumps and residual exhales. The audio too, provides every sound of her breathing (often obstructed due to her habit), as she deeply inhales a total of 8 cigarettes in this 25 minute episode.

Along the interview (Spanish subtitled in English) Jen gives intimate details about her habit, from when she started stealing her mother’s strong cigarettes to try on her own at the tender age of thirteen, to buying her own packs and reaching her current 30-a-day habit. As she speaks, thick smoke cascades from her lips, filling the air around her. She knows that smoking is unhealthy for her, but she comes from a long line of smokers (her mother and grandmother) and she has no plans on quitting, ever.

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