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Jenna Smoking & Talking To You


Here is the lovely Jenna in her all new smoking and talking video consisting of two parts. First part is is Jenna reading to you her new favorite book “Reasons To Smoke”. Leave it to Jenna to find such a book and bring it over to a shoot!! Jenna is all alone as she reads the humorous pages and shows you some of the pictures in this book while smoking and performing her awesome sexy snaps and open mouth inhales. This first part is in three separate scenes, 1 Marlboro Red 100 and 2 all white Virginia Slim100s are smoked during the readings, each of the 3 scenes are approximately 6 minutes. In the second part, Jenna responds in depth to a fans email asking for her to talk about her love of smoking, how addicted she has become, how smoking has made her voice raspy and sexy, and her intimate thoughts on smoking. She chain smokes two cigarettes in this second part, she starts off with a Newport and then smokes a Marlboro Red. This video captures not only Jenna’s beauty along with her very sexy smoking skills, it really shows off her super sweet, cool, intelligent, fun, playful and sexy personality. With her adorable facial expressions she directly engages, looks and talks to you throughout, she asks you some questions at the end and is requesting your responses. Get to know Jenna even more as she talks to you, smokes really sexy and reveals her awesome personality!!!

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