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Jessica: Craving Cigarettes So Bad


English model Jessica fixes her huge cravings by chain smoking 6 cigarettes in this greedy video! She needs her intake so badly that the cigarettes quickly vanish between her shaking fingers, describing precisely her loving sensations when she smokes. Jessica constantly fills her body with long pulls here, sometimes dangled, often doubled. She inhales so much smoke, that it often curls around her nostrils or is blown in residuals as she enthusiastically speaks.

Jessica often closes her green eyes to feel properly the smoke rushing in her body. “I do really love to fill my lungs with warm smoke, even more after sex.” Indeed, smoking cigarettes brings an awesome satisfaction to Jessica: “Smoking cigarettes is like to have sex with the most perfect sex partner.” She soon reveals her cigarettes consumption of these days, reaching “ 30 a day maybe”, which she rates as a pretty low intake!

The Sound is exceptionally clear, you won’t miss neither her powerful drags, making the ashes quickly build along the cigarette as the tobacco is crackling and whistling, nor her considerable inhales that brings the so crucial nicotine to her awaiting lungs… As one is ending, Jessica rushes on her pack to light a fresh one, making the smoking motion almost perpetual, only cut by a dry cough!

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