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Natia: Smoking Girl Next Door


Natia: The Powerful Tenager Style
Start of the new school year, new girl next door beautiful faces! Natia is a 19-years-old beautiful babe. She started to smoke with her friends at 15. Natia smokes one pack of cigarettes daily, with long and deep drags, expanding her rising breasts a lot when she inhales. Her favorite time to smoke is during breakfast, but she also smokes before going to sleep: she especially loves to smoke languorously in her bed. She takes regular direct drags and dangles. These huge drags make her breasts rise quiet a lot.

In this video you’ll see Natia joined by her smoking girl friend, who it is interesting to see does open mouth inhales with her dental braces. The two girls experiment with some smoking games: painting their lips, smoke sharing and crossed smoking.

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