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Tasmine’s many years of smoking have helped her to become one terrific smoker! Her very deep inhales and huge exhales are truly a joy to watch. This video features Tasmine in school uniform for the most blowing straight streams of smoke from her mouth, exhaling volumes of thick creamy smoke from her nose, double pumping, snap inhaling, french inhaling, blowing smoke rings and dangling. There is also a short interview with her about her smoking. Tasmine smokes B&H; special filters, More 120’s, VS 120’s and Rothmans Royals (120’s). Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

Following Tasmine is a further 35 minute bonus scene to bring the total length of the tape to 2 hours.

Note: This video contains no nudity. There is very little audio on the tape other than background noise (clicks of the lighter etc.) and the above-mentioned interview.

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