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Klara Interview Kuracky


Klára is 22 years old, she smokes about 5-10 cigarettes a day, the popular brand Marlboro – light
she started smoking at sixteen with a group of people (classmates), she tasted cigarettes after several months
she likes cigarettes the most at a party, where she smokes more of them, she only gives her first cigarette after a meal – in the afternoon
is moderately addicted, can reduce himself, can not smoke for up to one day, although he does not have to limit himself otherwise, he also smokes at home
she definitely regrets that she has learned to smoke, she does not mind addiction, she wants to quit in the future, to reduce, she has already tried
friends brought it to the current brand of cigarettes, it is not a problem to buy them anywhere, they are luxurious and they taste it and they do not solve it anymore
She likes smokers because they do not restrict her from smoking, for her partner his smoking is not important
she met for the first time that she likes a cigarette, she is surprised by that and she likes to know more

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