Korean Late Bloomer Annie: 26 Year Old new Convert to Cigarettes! Smoking Fetish Studio


Meet Annie. Annie is 26 years old and is originally from South Korea. Two years ago when she was 24 Annie studied in Paris. This was when she tried smoking cigarettes for the first time. She has recently become addicted to smoking – a custom she now loves!

In these three scenes we can clearly see exactly how much Annie loves to suck delectable smoke into her lungs. In one scene in particular she lies on her back on the ground and lights a cigarette. The enjoyment is perceptible and manifests itself in her expression as she gently drags on her cigarette and lovingly sucks the smoke into her body. Her appearance is meditative; such pleasure she garners from her cigarette.

She’s also an incredibly beautiful young woman who has style and self-assurance, accentuated by the cigarettes she smokes. A truly wonderful late-bloomer smoker who eventually found that smoking cigarettes is not only sexy but also satisfying.

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