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Vanessa Smoking Machine 3


Vanessa smokes 7 full flavour 100s in this video, proving us her strong usual addiction. She holds the smoke inside, sometimes more than 15 seconds, before exhale it through nose-mouth combination. Her tight leather bra struggles to contain her breasts full of smoke! She also recycles the smoke in some multi powersmoking drags that makes her wet cough shine again! But no problem, she immediately corrects that with direct long drags!

Vanessa draws hard on her cigarettes with loud “shhh” inhales that makes her chest rise. All her exhales are incredibly thick and come along with very sexy sighs of pleasure. Vanessa lights her 7 100s with matches or chains them with the previous dying cigarette. The second chain lighting is a true pleasure to watch, she is such in a hurry to bring the smoke inside her! In the last section, Vanessa wraps herself with smoke while dancing with an mp3 player. She has a very short breath that shows the effect of smoking on her: running out of air and smoking while dancing. We also included an extra scene before the shoot where we forbide her to smoke but she struggled to steal few drags!

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