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Kyoko & Jenna School


Beautiful sweet Asian doll Kyoko gets a lesson in smoking from the very experienced smoking model Jenna. They start off with a hand rolled one, but Jenna can’t get Kyoko to inhale much smoke except for the shotgun she gives Kyoko. Jenna is really determined to get the sweet smoke into Kyoko’s delicate lungs so after the hand rolled one Jenna grabs the water pipe because Jenna knows you cant clear the chamber without inhaling. Jenna teaches Kyoko what a water pipe is and how it works, Jenna fills the chamber with smoke a few times and gives it to Kyoko to inhale, she also shotguns Kyoko again and she gets a lung full and it does make her cough.
There is dialogue throughout as these two beautiful friends smoke together along with a few shotguns, some coughing, an ass slapping and a cute kiss at the end.

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