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Little Bits Of Leather Colight Coherent Light Photography


Six segments comprise this dark-side excursion into CoLight’s collection of leather video. Each piece was originally intended for inclusion with other work but they ended up in this long compilation video instead. Rebecca is a leather clad sweet-heart, and in the first short scene, she smokes solo with lots of great snaps and smiles. Things heat up in the next segment; Jennifer’s been a bad girl, caught smoking some of Erika’s special stash of 164’s. And so she’s turned over Erika’s lap for a well deserved spanking. Her cheeks get hotter as the cigarette she’s forced to finish gets shorter and shorter. Like any good disciplinarian, Erika consoles Jennifer and offers her a chance to make up – sharing smoke and sharing kisses. Erika smokes all whites; Jennifer smokes the 164 before also switching to white 100s. Callie’s heavy volume snaps and exhales punctuate her domineering dialogue in the next segment. She likes to torment her pet and you’re the one wearing her collar. She smokes all white 100’s. Next, Amiko introduces her female friend to submission and an aggressive attitude and firm discipline soon have her lover kneeling to worship the smoke from Amiko’s strap-on. This segment was cut and edited to produce the most dramatic smoking impact. Amiko smokes all white 100s, her friend smokes the famed CoLight smoke-producing strap-on. Next, Rebecca returns to show her teasing but nasty side, as she smokes while straddling the guy she accosted in the hotel hallway. The final segment is drawn strictly from unused footage from the Amiko strap-on shoot, with incredible volumes of smoke produced throughout. This video has dialogue and natural sound; it was rendered from an old VHS tape so the video is a bit shaky for a moment or two here or there – but there’s nothing that will prevent full enjoyment of this outstanding dark-side outing.

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