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Sara Displaying an Erotic Performance of Sensual SmokingFetishStudio


On a chilly but very calm and still day here in London I met Sara in a Central London park and filmed her smoking … and wow what a sensational smoker she is! Here is a girl who loves everything about cigarettes; the taste, the sensation, the sexiness of smoking; essentially the overall appeal of cigarettes.

Sara teases the camera with her smoking panache. She’s chic and elegant and her cigarette enhances that style. She loves to allow the smoke to trickle into her lungs and adores watching it flow from her lips. She tantalises the viewer by playing with the smoke, knowing it excites and thrills us.

I manage to capture a few variations of Sara’s smoking. The first scene witnesses Sara ambling through the park, relaxing and enjoying her cigarette. She strolls to the camera several times and exhales her creamy and delicious smoke all over it; offering the viewer a prime view of the smoke emerging from her lips. I then ask Sara several questions to document her smoking history before a final scene featuring some wonderful close-up footage of Sara provoking us with some sensual and erotic smoking.

A really nice piece of film for your SF collection.

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