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Long Whites Colight Coherent Light Photography


Long Whites features four models, mostly in glamour shoots, smoking long all-whites with exceptional style. Jennifer smokes Marlboro Lights 100s as well as B&H 100s. Dressed in a red lace body stocking, she shows small snap inhales and more than a few right-at-you exhales before adding thigh-high red boots and moving to a 3/4 view so you can enjoy her profile exhales. Her dialogue is laced with innuendo as well as more direct statements about what you’re thinking as she smokes for you. Erika is dressed for a night on the town in pearls and basic black; she shows you light snaps and modest exhales as she talks to you about the possibilities you and she could generate together. In perhaps the highlight of this video, the bulk of Kim’s previously unreleased footage is on this tape. As usual, her incredible smoke volume is dense enough to walk on. She places a heavy emphasis on thick creamy smoke snap and french inhales, and multiple drags; she even has a dangling segment. Kim’s dialogue is fun but also sexy in a knowing way. Finally, Angela is a pretty 18-year old that has a terrific grasp of snaps and how to look good. She shows her glam style and, in the first fifteen minutes, places a very heavy emphasis on nostril exhales. The remaining footage is of her lounging while smoking; she also discusses her smoking habit, when she started, and what she learned about smoking from Mae West. This video has natural sound and dialogue.

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