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Lorena Power Smoking Girl Interview


During this interview, this British girl doesn’t break chain-smoking, she is a true power smoker, her sweet raspy voice will tell you:

“I started to smoke regularly at 12 years old. I like everything about smoking, I like putting something in my mouth, I love to inhale, to hold the cigarette and to put it to my lips. I feel hot, full and dirty, filled up with warm smoke. It is something you learn to enjoy, when you really inhale, it’s a natural thing, it’s like waves. There is something physical with the smoke; it’s a release, like a personal journey. The smoke pours into my lungs, into my chest, it circulates, makes my body hot and warm, then the exhale is a cool release, emptying my lungs, and then, I fill them up straight again!”

“My pack of cigarette is next to my bed, I take one out, I tap it on the table, I light up and I smoke really slowly, enjoying the first rush of the morning, I enjoy the taste of the first drag, the whole sensation, you feel it through your veins and through your legs. I know my mouth tastes like an ashtray, some people don’t like it, but smoking is my hobby, I smoke in public, and I smoke by myself, it’s my choice.”

This English girl smokes 100s, with clear visible satisfaction, letting the ashes build, smoking with double inhales, talking exhales and residual exhales, powersmoking trough her nostrils or making huge cone exhales. You will also hear the nice “pop” sounds that she makes when she releases the cigarette from her mouth. Lorena is freakin’ sexy and she knows how to smoke!

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