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Luana Big Breasted Smoker


Have you ever dreamt about a big breasted smoker ? You have to meet Luana. This girl started to smoke with friends at 14. She has grown up and now displays a voluptuous body with harmonious curves. And she is far from a beginner smoker.

After the first cigarette her fingers shake because the nicotine in her body. She is so addicted, and she recognizes that shaking when smoking is usual in her. Her drags are full, she puts the filter deep between her lips, covering the micro holes of the filter tip, to get the maximum smoke. She also moistens her lips to get a better grip on the filter tip. One result? Her filter tip gets so dark stained of nicotine! The clear sound reveals her perfect “shhh” inhales. Truly, Luana can’t stop smoking!: she lights up one cigarette after another, without taking any break.

As she powerfully inhales, you can see her marvelous round breasts rising of joy from the warm smoke they welcome inside. She then releases beautiful blue clouds, keeping the most part doing its job in her body.

Also, we have included her casting scene to let you enjoy her in a classy black dress, sometimes dangling, telling a bit her story. Luana smokes not less than 8 cigarettes in this video. Each drag reflects complete satisfaction and elegance.

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