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Iveta: Chain Heavy Smoking


Iveta heavy smokes 9 cigarettes in this video, including some unfiltered cigarettes. She fixes her cravings chainsmoking in a very natural heavy smoking way.

Scene 1: Iveta starts smoking her first cigarette to its full potential by removing the filter tip in a scene filmed using the natural light of a window. She is not in a hurry, but appreciates each flashing drag with powerful hits followed by either snaps or wonderful french inhales. She immediately chains her cigarette with a fresh one.

Scene 2: Iveta is filmed up close, laid on her bed, chain smoking 5 cigarettes in a row! The smoking action is quiet intense here, with mighty cheek hollowing drags, often double or triple, releasing voluminous amount of smoke from her parted lips or powersmoking through her nostrils. It seems so natural for her to smoke that much, as she breaks coughing one time after the second cigarette , but easily goes on through 5 cigarettes! As the nicotine rushes through her, she keeps filling her full ashtray, proving that her body is truly fuelled with nicotine!

Scene 3: This scene features many close up angles, displaying residual smoke exhales as Iveta admires herself smoking in the mirror.. She is interviewed as well, giving some crispy details about her habit and her love for smoking, as she endlessly fills her lungs with warm smoke. Iveta shines here through these marvelous french inhales that she does so naturally!

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