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Lucy And Tanya: Heavy Smoking Girls


Heavy smoker Lucy returns to smokingsweeties and she’s brought along her beautiful blonde heavy smoking girl friend Tanya for an epic smoke-filled journey:

Scene 1: Tanya and Lucy are reading and typing while enjoying their full-strength cigarettes. Both girls heavily smoke with passion and obvious need.
Scene 2: Relaxing, lying on the sofa, the girls again light up and swap huge volumes of smoke – sucking massive and exhales from each others mouths and lungs, deep down into their well-trained chests.
Scene 3: The models enjoy a couple of cigarettes on a stroll in the city. They are very confident in the way they parade their addiction for all to see.
Scene 4: The video closes with Lucy and Tanya chaining on the sofa.

Across the movie, the models smoke a total of 17 cigarettes. They inhale smoke like most people inhale air; they effortlessly pump huge volumes deep into their chests – with astonishing double and triple pumps, long lung holds and killer residuals. There’s a hardly a moment in this 29 minute video when the girls’ chests aren’t full of smoke!

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