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Maria Extreme Smoker


She doesn’t cares about her wet smoker cough, she keeps chain smoking and eating the ashes
Oh! I recovered this old tape with Maria! This was a treasure of filmation that I considered lost. Now you have the chance to see a heavy smoker enjoying herself doing the most extreme things that a heavily addicted smoker can do.

First thing that keeps the attention is that Maria has a heavy wet cough, but this doesn’t cares and she burns her cigarette dangling on her mouth as she plays with her tits. She keeps the ashes on her cigarette, fully stained of lipstick, and she eats the ashes and spread it around her tits, she already did that on her previous videos at . She also lights each cigarette using the previous one, this is the essence of chainsmoking!!!

See Maria touching with her fingers the burning part of the cigarette, smoking the burning part of the cigarette, licking ashes, dangling, teasing and dying of pleasure with each drag she has.

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