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Mary Experienced Heavy Smoker


Mary is back after a long absence looking better than ever and smoking like the experienced heavy smoker she is. Now at age 24 she has a couple more years of smoking since her last video and she still loves to smoke cigarettes. Mary is a confident smoker with an innocent look and enjoys smoking in front of the camera showing off some sexy open mouth inhales, a few French inhales, big drags with deep inhales. She looks at you often throughout her video as she skillfully enjoys her cigarettes. Mary smokes 5 cigarettes in 5 all new scenes, four Marlboro Red 100s and one Marlboro Red, she used to just smoke her cigarettes really fast but now she takes a little more time to fully enjoy smoking her strong cigarettes and show off her sexy smoking style. Each scene is captured from 2 angles and all are included in a separate HD download. Awesome heavy and sexy smoking from this pretty cigarette loving babe Mary !!!

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