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Mayze Sexy Red 100s Smoking


Sexy skilled smoker Mayze is back in her all new smoking video showing off her smoking skills as enjoys smoking Marlboro Red 100s wearing thigh high socks. She is looking fantastic while performing awesome open mouth inhales with deep inhales. The video contains 3 scenes; 1st scene she sitting in front of you smoking and she shows you the filter a few times as she smokes it down, 2nd scene she is lounging around looking hot & smoking sexy showing you the lipstick covered filter at the end, and the final scene she is standing with the camera moving around capturing her from different views as she smokes hard while looking at you and exhaling her smoke in your face and ashing on you a few times. Two of the three scenes are captured from two angles. Awesome sexy smoking from beautiful sensual smoking babe Mayze !!!

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