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Melody Solo runs 54 minutes and features Melody. Melody is beautiful and this video showcases her glamour and sophistication. Her elegance is exquisite. In Melody’s first scene she is shocked that her friend smokes a pack a day and swore she would never smoke in front of her parents. This video shows the transformation. Melody is now a two pack a day smoker and since her mom caught her smoking she now smokes in front of her mom. Melody’s style is sensual with incredibly deep inhales. In this video she has a scene where she smokes two cigarettes at once, she takes triple hits, does many chain light-ups, has cute intense coughs, does incredible natural snap inhales, does cup inhales, smoke rings, french inhales, nostril exhales, talking exhales, residual exhales and more. Her smoking is awesome and she smokes a variety of full strength cigarettes in this video. This video will be a favorite for anybody that loves to watch an absolutely beautiful girl that exudes elegance and smokes with awesome sensuality, intensitity, and style. The dialog, smoking sounds, camerawork, lighting, and Melody’s personality are at a peak. This is a perfect showcase for Melody.

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