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Mireya Desperately Fixes Her Nicotine Deficiency


Mireya started to smoke regularly before being 13. Now she is 21 years old and smokes 40 cigarettes per day. She recognizes that her lungs must be black, as she powersmokes her cigarette with such greed! She definitely deserves a special place among our top powersmokers!

She knows how to smoke fast and efficiently to fix her cravings for nicotine, each drag is powerful, chained with the next drag as she releases constantly smoke through her nose. This girl has got the motions of those heavy smokers who handle the cigarette with grace and domination.

Mireya is a beautiful chimney in real life, always releasing residual smoke, the cigarette literally burns between her fingers. And her face reflects complete satisfaction in the addiction, moistening her lips after each drag. Wonderful close ups and clear daylight serve this magnificent smoking action.

Mireya smokes 5 reds in this video, down to the filter! Keep in mind that this unbelievable powersmoking style is her usual way to devour her cigarettes!

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