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Molly Cutie Loves To Smoke


Adorable heavy smoking babe Molly is back in her all new smoking video looking really cute and smoking with style. Molly is a nice girl and has that innocent good girl look but she really does love smoking a lot of cigarettes daily and she has a sexy smoking style showing off her snap inhales. She talks about her pack a day habit of Marlboro Red 100s as she is interviewed by her friend Bree, she chain smokes two Reds as she sits at the vanity, she sports an elegant evening gown in one scene, a cute romper on another scene and she wears casual lounge wear showing off some of her nice build laying down looking at you. Molly smokes 6 cigarettes in 5 new scenes, four of her favorite Red 100s and two Marlboro Reds in her chain smoking scene. All of the scenes are captured from two angles. Sexy heavy smoking from this pretty cigarette loving cutie Molly !!!

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