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Your step-mommy hot best friend teach you how to smoke while babysitting you Smoking Angie


Your step-mommy will be busy today, hm you are too young to know with who she will be busy… let’s say she has a new friend! Lucky you I wasn’t busy today so I could babysit you. Your step-mom drop you at my house and I don’t realize, you come in and don’t knock! Instead you spy on me through the door while I apply my lipstick, I realize you are there and tell you to come in “don’t be shy!”. I tell you I will teach you some manners! When you come in someone’s house you have to knock first! Such a naughty you are! Spying on me! Well I wanna teach you something else besides good manners today… I noticed that you enjoy a little too much when I blow my smoke in your face, if you like my second hand smoke imagine how much you will enjoy smoke a cigarette with me! Don’t worry, relax, I will teach you!

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