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More Of Keenan Colight Coherent Light Photography


Keenan offers you some great views of her smoking brown More 120s. Double pumps are the way she likes to smoke her Mores and this video is absolutely full of them. Her inhales are a mix of snaps and regular with a full range of exhales, mostly straight streams and right-at-you styles with some nostril exhales as well. Her teasing smile is devastating as she does drag after drag. Keenan’s first scene is pure glam and shot primarily in profile. The smoke in the second scene comes right-at-you at a three-quarters angle, and scene three is all profile and straight stream exhales. In the final scene Keenan spots you outside her window and decides to give her favorite peeping tom an eyeful. She’s pleased that you’re watching and wants to know that she hit you hard with her smoke and devilish smiles. This video has dialogue and natural sound.

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