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Nails 2 Killer Caregiver Part 2 Colight Coherent Light Photography


This is part one of a epic dark side feature from CoherentLight. An unsuspecting invalid made the mistake of hiring Megan as his home healthcare provider. Months later, he’s still alive to regret his choice. Dressed in her tightest stretch uniform she’s about to give him his daily treatments. She enjoys bringing her own special kind of ‘medical expertise’ to her job, bathing him in never-ending streams of smoke (after perfect french inhale after perfect french inhale). She delights in cutting off his oxygen, burning him and then licking he rashes off his cheek, slicing him with her nails, suffocating him with her smoke and kisses, burning and tearing at his privates with her hot coal and razor sharp nails. Of course, she insists that he keep himself perpetually ready to satisfy her insatiable needs as she suffers. But breaking one of her cherished nails is his fatal error. Her hands clamp tightly over his nose and mouth as she smokes and rides his death throes to a final fabulous orgasm). There is full dialogue.

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