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Power Smoker Rhiane, Speedily Power-Smoking 4 Cigarettes in 11Minutes! SmokingFetishStudio


Rhiane adores smoking which is evident from this extended compilation. She powers her way through 4 cigarettes in little more than 11 minutes! The compilation features 4 scenes including me asking Rhiane about her smoking history.

Her revealing crop top divulges her chest as it heaves when large plumes of smoke are inhaled into her awaiting lungs. Her body is so used to consuming cigarettes after 5 years of smoking that her lungs are cast iron! She loves to breathe smoke deeply into her body so the smoke swirls around and massages her lungs, working its magic!

During the scenes Rhiane shows the camera how much she enjoys cigarettes breathing the smoke deeply, exhaling clouds of smoke over the camera lens, and looking relaxed as she powers her way through each cigarette. A committed pack-a-day smoker, Rhiane adores cigarettes. In fact she used to smoke 2 packets per day but has recently cut down. She alludes to this fact during the interview segment.

If youre interested in watching a sexy power smoking her way through cigarettes then Rhiane is the model for you!

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