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Preslie 30 Minutes Of Sexy Smoking


Beautiful skilled smoking model Preslie is back looking fantastic in her new 30 minute long smoking video showing off her sexy style as she smokes 6 1/2 Marlboro Red 100s in six all new sexy smoking scenes. Preslie shows off nice snaps with audible deep inhales while smoking her long and strong favorite cigarettes. She starts off in a classy feminine dress looking wholesome, next scene she is exhaling smoke in your face then smiles at you, then she is standing in shorts, a button up shirt and bra with lots of dangling as she adjusts her outfit and her hair while smoking half of another cigarette after she finishes her first one. Next she is up close as you watch her smoke with sexy inhales, she then shows off long thick exhales in a side view scene and last she is naked but covered by the chair she sits in looking incredible and smoking sexy. Awesome sexy smoking from gorgeous cigarette loving woman Preslie !!! (Note : No Nudity Is Shown In This Video)

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