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Programmed Drone 4 CEI Crystal Knight


It all started as a fun, kinky way to spice up jerking off to me. Eating your cum always intrigued you, but you could never follow through with other Dommes that instructed you to do so. You always backed out right at the end; well, until you met me. Once you started stroking to me, listening to my words of manipulation and encouragement, you knew I was the one. You knew I would be the first Goddess to make you eat your cum. Now here we are, fast forward to today, You’ve become such a programmed drone 4 CEI that you’re ready for the kinkiest session yet. Nothing has ever felt better than watching my body, being guided by my words, spitting on your dick, and cleaning up the massive amounts of pre-cum leaking from your body from all my teasing. Every time I tell you to spit, I’m going to spit on your dick too. Watch, enjoy, and be prepared for the messiest, filthiest CEI session you will ever experience. (Spit & Smoke fetish included)

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