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Random Snaps Special #140


This video features Natalie P. smoking VS 120s in the first three scenes; she opens in a casual outfit and white fur vest with sunglasses, then in cute outfits at the dressing table and on the floor. Natalie has beautiful snap and french inhales and shows them off throughout her scenes after deep drags, with thick exhales and some dangles. Super smoker Maddie follows, smoking a cork 100 (after first filling her Zippo) in stunning red and black lingerie and garters; we see her picture-perfect smoking throughout with huge drags, great snaps and extraordinary mouth-nose exhales the highlights. The video ends with three scenes featuring Tiffany B. smoking VS 120s and corks, in casual outfits and panties; throughout, she shows us big drags, bigger snaps and open-mouth inhales, cone exhales and smoke rings with some very nice closeups. There is natural sound and dialogue in this video.

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