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Random Snaps Special #143


Jenny opens this video in a short scene, smoking a VS 120 as she relaxes on the couch, chatting with the cameraman and on the phone, and blowing lots of smoke rings. Kim B. is in bra and panties and her Marlboro 100 smoke hangs heavy in the air as she adds more and more to it, with thick mouth and mouth/nose exhales after her deep drags and snap/french inhales. Leah vamps and chats as she shows off her snaps, frenches, mouth and nose exhales in closeup, and then joins Loretta for several terrific, playful shoots with corks and VS 120s; every smoking technique you can imagine is performed expertly during their time together. Cute Millie enjoys several corks on the couch, wearing a short red robe and smoking with accomplished straightforward style, and finally Nancy smokes in lingerie and a ski hat, showing off her smoke rings. There is natural sound and some dialogue in this title.

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