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RandomSnaps #09


Random Snaps is one of the leaders in smoking glamour photography and videography, and this is one of the early compilations they released, seen here for the first time in a full-length version. The smoking is outstanding throughout, with thick mouth and nose exhales, snap, open-mouth and french inhales, smoke rings, double drags and dangles to satisfy just about anyone, lit perfectly throughout. There are lots of corks in this volume, as well as small cigars and 120s (both VS 120s and Saratogas). There are also group and outdoor scenes. Note: this is NOT the material previously seen at Smoke Signals Online; it is all exclusive to Random Snaps and shown here for the first time other than on their site many years ago. This video has natural audio and dialogue.


Alicia A.
Jasmine B.
Jessica B.
Kate B.
Tash W


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