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Rebeca: It Makes Me Feel Like A Woman


For her third appearance here, the lovely Rebeca tells us a little bit more about her sweet addiction. She actually increased her intake to 30 cigarettes a day, and easily reaches more than 2 packs when she hits the clubs at night! Here, Rebeca burns 6 cigarettes in a row with a constant renewed pleasure.

In the first scene she quietly enjoys one ending cigarette and a fresh new one with great cheek hollowing drags and straightforward exhales, very often followed by bright smiles. As smoking really has become a part of her through these 3 years, Rebeca enjoys smoking too much to even think about quitting one day: “smoking makes me feel a woman”, she punctuates with a lovely smile.

Half-light for a sensual second scene, where the stars are actually Rebeca’s cigarette cherry, regularly glowing, that comes along with her bare breasts expansions! Rebeca is laid in topless in her bed and enjoys three more cigarettes with long relaxed direct drags, often dangled. The camera is up close and delivers a perfect view of this awesome combination: bare breasts and a cigarette. Rebeca often drags eye lids closed, and blows the rich smoke through her nostrils right above her perfect breasts. Her ashtray is on her rib cage patiently waiting for the next cigarette to be done… The sound capture here is top notch, so it renders perfectly the whistling sound of Rebeca’s nostril exhales.

Back to the first room for the last scene, where we experienced some side and front close ups on Rebeca’s innocent face and generous drags. This gives a couple of right-at-you exhales. With this last cigarette of the session, Rebeca explains her smoking ritual before going to bed and how she does replenish her body with nicotine in order to avoid cravings at night.

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