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Vanessa: Role Model For Every Smoking Girl


Vanessa is once more ready to show her unique potential as a smoking model for Fran’s smokingsweeties. It is nothing new that she is one of the hottest gals you can imagine. And it would be some sort of wasting time if one was about to describe her smoking abilities right now once again. OK, let’s just say that she simply devours every cigarette that she has in her package and that she will always have enough cigs ready to get completely sucked under because of her self-evident addiction.

In this 20 minutes video, six tasty filter cigarettes become an easy prey for Vanessa who wears two different outfits that both accentuate her beneficial curves. She powersmokes, poses and dances a bit and all that eventually leaves the viewer stunned.

If you cannot get enough of the powersmoking Vanessa or if you cannot get enough of heavy smoking women that just know how to gain access to the hall of fame of smoking females, then this video is obviously a must-have.

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