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Rosy: A Habit Evolving Into Addiction


Being grown in a smoker’s family, Rosy felt attracted to experiment with smoking in her middle teens. She used to carry a pack of cigarettes in her purse, as a fashion accessory to experiment on social mettings, and to abuse during her early cravings. Rosy indulged herself by developing the will to become a regular smoker.

Perhaps some of the viewers who saw first Rosy’s video 3 years ago –when she was barely a smoking virgin– have tracked the increasing smoking habit of this beauty, which has evolved day by day into a strong addiction and unfortunately an alarming rise of her body’s dependence on nicotine. However, Rosy’s smoking style is one of the finest and elegant you are ever likely to watch, with deep drags, long holds of smoke deep inside her hot breasts, dangles while dragging and exhaling, snaps and french inhales –all performed naturally as part of her brand new heavy smoking style– and even some coughs.

In the video Rosy smokes 5 reds in 3 different scenes. The first scene of this video depicts her last 2 cigarettes of the day, enjoyed in bed with the smoke cascading over her breasts – this was the last scene we shoot, but the scene alone deserves the aperture of the video. In the second scene Rosy chain smokes two cigarettes in a row. Her eyes evidence the way her loaded lungs die of pleasure, as she keeps kicking them with creamy smoke. Finally she smokes her last cigarette lying back in bed in a tight tee shirt and leggings. It’s no surprise that Rosy is one of the Smoking Sweeties favorites – this really is an unmissable clip!

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