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Kayla Final Smoking Video


Kayla is looking great showing off her awesome smoking skills in her final video featuring her last four smoking scenes. Kayla shows off her awesome snap inhales, open mouth inhales, double drags, deep inhales, nose exhales and thick exhales. In the first scene she smokes a Marlboro Red 100 and talks to you while enjoying her cigarette. The second scene she is sitting at the vanity and dangles a long VS120 for a minute as she touches up her makeup, she then lights it up and watches herself smoke sexy in the mirror. The third scene is a side view and she quickly demolishes her Marlboro Red 100 with her long powerful drags. The final scene is a custom where the camera is up really close as she chain smokes two Marlboro Red 100s as she instructs you to inhale and exhale as she does. (Note: the 2nd angle close up face shot is slightly blurry) All four scenes are captured from two angles. Awesome heavy and skilled smoking from one of USA Smokers most popular models Kayla !!!

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