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Sandra Heavy Smoking & Leather Compilation Scene’s SmokingFetishStudio


This extended clip features the previous two releases of Sandra. They were:

  • Red Lipstick & Black Leather. Sandra’s Super Smoking!
  • Sexy Leather Smoking! Sandra Devouring Menthol Cigarettes…

Sandra devours 5 cigarettes during this comprehensive clip. The following description has been extracted from the previous individual Sandra scenes. For the full description simply scroll down below this one.

“Sandra was horrified recently when the European Union announced that it was to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes in Europe. Sandra adores her cherished menthol cigarettes and doesn’t enjoy smoking other brands.

I meet Sandra on London’s Southbank and film her smoking while she ambles through London on a busy morning. She loves to feel the heat of cigarette smoke in her lungs – verified by her charming face as she pumps her body full of delightful cigarette smoke.

Sandra gazes at the camera as she tentatively lifts her cigarette to her mouth, slowly but deeply dragging, breathing intensely and leisurely releasing the fumes that have massaged her body. A truly wonderful and sexy smoker! Her smoke is exhaled in our direction as Sandra accurately knows that we’re intensely observing her slow and sexy smoking action.

Sandra is tremendously beautiful and normally has a rather ‘girl next door’ appearance about her. She was delighted when I suggested she wear leather for the shoot – embracing a badass image that she plays up to. The feeling of sexiness that Sandra feels in front of the camera is evident as she slowly drags on her cigarette, her lips wrapped around the filter, her cheeks drawn inwards and the smoke slowly pouring into her lungs as she breathes in! Her eyes flirt with the camera – watching you watching her – knowing that you’re succumbing to her sexy smoking style.”

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