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Sexy heavy smoker heimei’s depth long interview Asian Fetish Club


Have you ever met or seen a girl who is too beautiful to smoke? You will when you see our new model Heimei. We are happy this beautiful young lady has joined our chain smoking interview series and you will be too. This young 18 year old smoking babe is as pretty and pure as a flower. She is too beautiful to smoke but she puts huge amounts of smoke into her body anyway. Heimei need lots of smoke in her body to satisfy her nicotine hungry black tar filled lungs. Can you believe this smoking beauty enjoys smoking with deep inhales? You will like the way she quickly fills the interview room with floating smoke from her thick and long stream combo mouth/nose exhales. Watching Heimei burn through cigarettes with one deep drag satisfying inhale after another is a beautiful sight to see.

Heimei chain smokes 2 cigarettes in 8 minutes wearing a casual black blouse and tight black pants in this interview video. This attractive lady will keep you entertained because she looks very pretty and gives many interesting and surprising interview answers that you must hear. Heimai shows off deep drags, open mouth inhales, thick combo mouth/nose exhales, nose residuals and many talk exhales. You will be happy to see that Heimei is an aggressive smoker during this interview lighting a 2nd cigarette in only 4 minutes. She answers several smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions from the producer including:

1) How did you start smoking and how old were you?
2) How does it feel to smoke a cigarette after not smoking for awhile?
3) What is the best cigarette you feel during the day?
4) Do you ever notice people checking you out while you are smoking?
5) Does anyone give you a hard time about smoking?
6) What do you think your lungs look like since you have become a heavy smoker?
7) Do you care about your health when you become a regular smoker?
8) How many minutes do you crave another cigarette after you finish one?
9) Do you smoke for pleasure or addiction?
10) Do you chain smoke when you are driving or sitting in a car?

You won’t believe what Heimei thinks about how the dangers of smoking affect her body health condition. I recommend this smoking babe to everyone because Heimei is the perfect combination of addiction, beautiful appearance and expert alluring smoking skills. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both the front and side view profile angle. There is improved HD front and side view angle filming that enhances and highlights the thick exhales large smoke volume effect. How much do you know about Heimei? What is Heimei’s favorite brand of cigarettes? Does Heimei wake up in the middle of the night to smoke? How addicted to smoking is Heimei? How does Heimei feel with smoke in her lungs? Does Heimei feel sexy while smoking? Does Heimei have a smoker’s cough? Don’t wait to find out. You should download this video now to find out the answers to all these questions and more. Everyone likes young beautiful deep inhaling girls.

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