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Random Snaps Special #159


Debbie opens this video with a cork 100, straightforward smoking and some lipstick application, followed by seductive Jen C. in a short skirt, stockings and heels, showing enormous inhales and then stunning slow nose exhales and perfect smoke rings. It’s a VS 120 for Kim B. apparently getting ready for a cocktail party, doing her eyes as she smokes hands-free and also looking right-at-you with mouth, mouth-nose, nose exhales and snaps; then Lee is the ideal blue-eyed blonde, and enjoys a cork 100 with deep inhales, snap inhales and pretty cone exhales. Mel L. stars in three scenes: glamour with corks, sexy with a VS 120 in faux fur and lingerie, and sandwiched in the middle, a fantastic topless scene. Mel shows some outstanding thick exhales along with her trademark recycled french inhales. The video ends with Rachel A. devouring a Marlboro 100 with showy, terrific smoking, and super-sexy Zora wowing us in two scenes with deep drags, perfect cone exhales, thick nose exhales and some hands-free smoking as well. There is some dialogue and natural sound in this title.

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