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Silvia: Smoking Girl Next Door Interview


Silvia: The Powerful Tenager Style 3
A year after her last shoot, the now 20 year old, 30-a-day Silvia is back for more and wow is she smoking! Silvia’s love of smoking is fully explored and showcased in this video – her nose exhales are divine and she chain smokes 8 100s cigarettes along the video, craving each cigarette as the first one.

Silvia is back on a new 33 minutes long interview, splitted in 3 different scenes:

Scene 1: Silvia chain-smokes 3 ‘100s’ cigarettes, one after the other in a low-cut blouse while giving a short interview about her habit: the way it feels in her lungs; the intensity of her cravings and how she started to smoke etc.

Scene 2: Silvia chains 3 more cigarettes on the sofa. As in the first scene we are able to watch some clear nose exhales here. Also Silvia usually tries to keep close eye contact to the camera.

Scene 3: A further two cigarettes are chained effortlessly in a sexy pink sweater while she stands at the kitchen counter Thanks to the perfect lighting in all 3 scenes we are able to see every tiny bit of smoke very clear.

Throughout the video Sivia’s smoking is insane: “deep deep inhales,” “mouth-filling drags,” “long holds,” “thick creamy open mouth inhales,” “room-filling exhales,” “very dense nose exhales” and “multiple-residuals”. Along each scene the young model regularly sips her drink while her lungs are full of smoke receiving two pleasures at one time.

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